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    Our success is based on the joint efforts of all my colleagues in Boik. We focus on the selection of outstanding talents, pay more attention to the cultivation of talents. We provide employees with the system of professional training, and constantly improve the professional skills and comprehensive quality of staff.

    Boik concerned about the growth and development of each employee, we want to walk into Boik's everyone can be harvested, can feel the joy of progress and career success. Boik offers every employee a stage and equal opportunity to show their talent. We welcome the Boik core value of the talent to join, and our common practice of the pursuit of excellence in the pursuit of excellence, to fulfill the commitment to excellence.

  • 高级焊工

  • 行政人员

  • 全职技术人员

    岗位职责: 负责产品设计,跟进生产并解决生产问题; 与客户确认相关技术问题;完成领导交办的其它工作。 任职资格: 化工机械或相关专业; 熟悉机械加工工艺,有压力容器行业经验优先; 熟练使用AUTOCAD等绘图软件; 良好的英语读写能力; 工作认真负责,严谨细致,有良好团队意识和交流沟通能力。
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