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    Newspaper news by the provincial development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Information Center jointly launched the first quarter of 2016, Jiangsu industrial survey released recently. Survey involving 12 cities in the province of machinery, electronics, textiles and other 41 industries. The results show that: in the fourth quarter of last year, the macroeconomic environment has dropped slightly, into the relatively stagnant range. Is expected in the first quarter of this year, our province macro economic environment is not optimistic, the boom is expected to will be in relatively stagnant interval fluctuations, the boom of the overall business situation value is expected to improve slightly, into the weak economy interval.

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    During the Twelfth Five Year Plan period, even across the three trillion yuan of GDP, the average growth rate of 9.6%; in 2015 the total economic output exceeded 7 trillion yuan, the growth rate of 1.6, higher than the national 8.5% percentage points.

    Behind the results, is the harsh reality of the development of Jiangsu: population density of the country's largest, the per capita environmental capacity of the country is the smallest, the national land area of industrial pollution load of the highest...... Heavy resources and environmental pressure is a serious constraint to the development of Jiangsu.

    How to achieve "limited" in the "promising"? Jiangsu's answer is: to the development of innovation. From grasping science and technology, to adjust the structure, and promote transformation, dare to be the first people in Jiangsu to explore the practice of a high quality and efficiency of the development of the road.

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