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TS Thermosiphon Vessel Series


TS Serial Thermosiphon vessel is designed, manufactured, tested and accepted according to the standards GB150-2011 and GB151-2012.This serial vessel is the main element of mechanical seal auxiliary system and completely meets API682 norm. The thermosiphon has built-in heat exchange coil pipe, which can be combined to Plan52 and Plan53 of API682 flushing scheme with pressure, temperature, level instrument (such as pressure switch, liquid level transformer, thermometer, pressure gage, manual fluid infusion pump) based on different parameters of work state.

TS Thermosiphon Vessel Advantages:

  • It can be designed and manufactured according to ASME VIII standard and customers’demand. “U” steel stamp is attached.
  • The high borosilicate glass sight glass is used for the liquid level sight glass, which can directly show the liquid level. It is of high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance and anticorrosion.
  • MIG welding technology (metal electrode and inert gas arc welding) is used for X-ray radiographic inspection.
  • It is made of 304/316L stainless steel with high anticorrosion.
  • Different specifications are available upon customers' requirements