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Air Cooling Heat Exchanger


Natural air cooling heat exchanger or forced air cooling heat exchanger can be adopted for HE air cooling heat exchanger according to the requirements of users. The natural air cooling heat exchanger can naturally realize heat exchange via the free convection of air, It is no necessary to cool the water. The stainless steel finned pipe is used for coil pipe, which includes single-coil pipe and double-coil pipe. With low installation and maintenance cost, the natural air cooling heat exchanger is suitable for several strict industrial environment.


The equipment is designed and produced based on ASME VIII Div 1. Combined with high performance cooling parts and compact AC electric fan with high power, the forced air cooling heat exchanger can be permanently operated without fault under the strict work state. This kind of compact design provides the strongest cooling result for heat dissipation. Meanwhile, it only occupies small space. So, it provides the low-cost and environmental protection scheme for the cooling system.