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    Pressure vessel, pressure pipeline is widely used, the production and operation of enterprises, social operation and the people's normal life has a great influence. Jiangsu province is the production of special equipment, the use of a large province, the number of production enterprises ranked first in the country.

    To implement the call of the special equipment industry safety, energy conservation, and actively promote the the rapid development of our province special equipment manufacturing industry, to ensure the quality of products of special equipment and operation safety, and showcase our province special equipment, we held "2015 China (Wuxi) International Special Equipment Exhibition" will be held in Wuxi Taihu International Exhibition Center. The exhibition to the quality of the products to rely on, gathering top technology, showing the image of merchants, based on to build the special equipment as the main platform, combined with radiation force in Wuxi, China's market capacity, the Yangtze River Delta market demand, industry enterprises and overseas counterparts to build an effective platform to develop a science and technology exchange and cooperation in the development and market. Warmly welcome you to participate in the general assembly, and seek common development, create brilliant!