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    Adhering to the development of the concept of "innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing," 45 "planning will lead China toward a well-off society in an all-round way, toward the" first hundred targets. As the eastern coastal developed provinces, Jiangsu in the how to seize this historic opportunity, "45" start starting gun?


    In October last year, the State Council approved the Suzhou industrial park became the first comprehensive test area of open innovation. This test is rapidly in the region in the development of export-oriented economy, through the implementation of a systematic, holistic, cooperative reform and take the lead in building export-oriented economic system, to build an innovation driven exploration and practice of the new model. In January 30th, the Suzhou industrial park open innovation comprehensive test expert consultation, 18 experts from home and abroad to park as a sample, to provide a lot of valuable suggestions for the development of Jiangsu.


    Reference model into Singapore +"

    The park is China can learn from Singapore model of "experimental field", but with the park in 1994 to newly established when compared, now Singapore has occurred earth shaking changes, the Singapore model itself is dynamic, so communication and reference should also be dynamic. " On the day of the consultation meeting, the Institute of East Asian Studies, South China University of Technology, Institute of public policy, National University of Singapore academic committee chairman Zheng Yongnian put forward the concept of "Singapore +".

    Jiangsu is the largest province of Singapore Investment in the province, the amount of investment in Jiangsu, Singapore accounted for 1/3 of its investment in china. Singapore's population is less than half of Suzhou, which is not such a big investment demand, but Singapore is an open country, the world's projects, capital transfer to China through the transfer station in singapore. "In the construction of international platform, can learn from singapore." Zheng Yongnian said, but in other aspects, for example, to promote the development of the manufacturing industry can learn from Japan, Germany, in terms of entrepreneurial environment to improve aspects of Shenzhen and other cities to learn."

    Ji Ruida, President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, the McKinsey Global Institute released last year, "the global effect of China's innovation" research report. The report shows that over the past 30 years, China's economic growth depends on the main "draw on innovation" model, but in recent years, the contribution of innovation to economic growth has decreased. Ji Ruida believes that the Suzhou park should be more sensitive to China's urgent need to learn from other people's experience at the same time, to accelerate the realization of the transformation from the "draw on innovation" to "leading innovation".

    Avoid over the Internet and finance, now a lot of domestic discussion, one is the Internet economy, one financial economy. We really want to develop these two, but we must avoid over the Internet and finance, to avoid the Internet economy, the financial economy to replace the real economy." Zheng Yongnian expressed his concern. He believes that the Suzhou park has a certain solid economic foundation, the future has enough room for development, must not be affected by the impact of the environment and the impact of the track.

    In this regard, Co., Ltd. Nomura Research represented ban servants, senior executive service member Moto Chengo agrees. He also think, entity economy development, should avoid a single processing mode leads to transformation and upgrading of fatigue. "This is a must go through the transition pains, Japan has experienced such a period of time." Moto Chengo introduced in the 1970s, Japan's economic growth rate at a draught from 10% dropped to 4%, especially chemical and other industries affected by the impact of a large, when Japan's countermeasures is limiting the traditional chemical industry, and gradually turned to the semiconductor and LCD industries.

    In January 21st this year, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce released the 2016 annual China business report. The report shows that the visit to the United States and China funded enterprises to reflect the slowdown in the manufacturing sector, while the service sector and the retail industry is still bullish. The respondents US funded enterprises in China, plans to increase investment 81%. According to the development status of Suzhou Park and Jiangsu, this minister Wu and many other experts suggest that in the traditional manufacturing industry to integrate into the service sector. "Take the car as an example, in the process of driving data can be provided to the insurance company, brand service providers, etc., in order to provide customized services for the owners."

    Open innovation shall focus on the joint development of "open innovation comprehensive test should not be confined to the economy and the reform of management system, should be more focus from economic expansion for the society, improve the construction market, government reform, social norms of governance, ecological environment beautiful upgraded version of the society, not only is Industrial Park." West University of Liverpool Executive President Xi Youmin recommended the establishment of an independent to a government think-tank, to "do not watch the government face, stable for a long time to Suzhou and Jiangsu development" prick ".

    "At any point in time, reforms need to be human, financial, and policy, but at the same time, it needs a" fault tolerance "mechanism." China urban planning design and Research Institute Vice President Yang Baojun said, "resistance to reform in the future is much, may is now very difficult to imagine, only 'tolerance', to have the opportunity to step out the first step 'correction' can not scruple to."

    "Open and innovative comprehensive experiment, not only related to Suzhou, Jiangsu, but also for the country to seek the next step in the development of the model to do a search. These comments and suggestions, both with strong pertinence, creativity and operability." Former Vice Minister of Ministry of Commerce Ma Xiuhong said, hope that the Suzhou Industrial Park in the future advance in the process of open innovation comprehensive experimental and be positive reference, digestion and absorption, ensure that open innovation comprehensive experimental early results, the results early in the morning, better lead lead Sunan national independent innovation demonstration area construction in the National Development Zone transformation and upgrading and innovation development, better and better practice the national major development strategy.