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    January 13th afternoon, the five session of the Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference of the thirteen session of the seminar into a large group of topics. City leaders and members gather a hall, around the "revive as the industry, common industrial and commercial city", "construction of beauty of environment, construction of livable city", "development of sports, culture and industry, enhance people's quality of life", strengthen the construction of rule of law, improve the degree of civilization "four topics in-depth study. (Huan Wei / photo)


    Under the new normal, Wuxi to accelerate the economic transformation and upgrading, to revive the industry itself? Part of the CPPCC National Committee members with in their industries, the actual business, about the opinions of their own, think well of Wuxi traditional industry base, to do a good job, at the same time to strengthen the introduction of high-level talents, training, strengthen the building of a new think tank and provide personnel and intellectual support for the development of various industries.


Adhere to the main industry, the courage to innovate, and steady transformation

Jiang Huajun: Director of the Far East holding group, general manager of the Far East cable industry

    Wuxi and even the country's manufacturing industry, are faced with such a problem of industrial restructuring. In recent years, the economic slowdown in the development of enterprises caused by the pressure, raw materials, labor, capital costs, the profitability of manufacturing enterprises. A large number of small and medium enterprises with low quality, low price in exchange for disorderly competition in the market space for the Far East to realize that the transformation is imminent.

    In 2014, the Far East Cable officially changed its name to "smart energy", and unveiled in the capital market, the company from the sales of wire and cable manufacturing escalation profit model of smart energy expert service, just agree with the current economic development trend. From the big concept, that is, from manufacturing to service industry transformation; from the point of view of energy use, it is through the wisdom of the means to achieve the comprehensive utilization of energy, the maximum efficiency of the use of good energy.

    Although it is a smart energy, but in fact did not leave the cable industry, but in the original "main business" steadily, and gradually transition to the new field of." Jiang Huajun, do, do, do through wisdom energy industry, is to deal with the global economy, the pattern of evolution, regional innovation driving competition intensifies, the transformation and upgrading of the industrial structure lag, the demographic dividend reduction, increasing resources and environmental constraints, capacity of traditional industries such as serious excess new potential is great and decision-making. At present, the wisdom of the energy has been formed to wisdom energy planning and design, wisdom energy operation and maintenance, intelligent power distribution system, wisdom energy applications, distributed generation / storage and micro grid access system as a subsystem of the integrated solution provider.
    "Reform is not easy, normal economic requires entrepreneurs to 'Leather own life', we must change the traditional way of thinking, make traditional industry to do a solid first, in this based on the development of new industries, have the courage, also has the power, steadily enterprise transformation and upgrading."


Leading the economic development with the high level talents
Ding Yan: Wuxi government and Industrial Holdings (Group) Co., Ltd.
The chairman of Wuxi society and Human Resources Development Co. Ltd.

    Talent is the determining factor in economic and social development, high-level talents in the top talent pyramid is the leading force in the development of a regional innovation, is to enhance the capacity of regional independent innovation, promote transformation and upgrading of key and the engine of the economic development. Wuxi thirteen five planning outline (Draft) also highlighted the implementation of talent development strategy.
    "In the past, companies need people, we will help to find someone. In the past few years, we have changed the way of thinking, began to look for a number of innovative entrepreneurial leader, to nurture and promote the development of new industries." However the daughter is easy, a hard to find, Ding Yan said that the high level talents introduction is not as people imagine so easy and need the party and the government pay more efforts.
    Ding Yan suggested that the personnel to be attracted into, stay, the key is the environment. To pay much attention to commence from the policy innovation, optimize the environment, efforts to get rid of all is not conducive to the growth of talent idea, system and mechanism, improve the working and living conditions of the people, advocating science, rich atmosphere of respecting knowledge and talents reuse.
"Wuxi of the institutions of higher learning and scientific research resources may also be regarded not superior, but as long as we strive to high-level talents to create a conducive to innovation and entrepreneurship policy and carrier environment so that they can maximize the play to the wisdom, will be able to achieve the benign interaction between talents and economic development."
    Because of its own human resources development, Ding Yan said it will vigorously promote the introduction of Wuxi's existing and upcoming high-level talent introduction of supporting policies, and broaden the cooperation between peers. Also hope that human resources service agencies can "go out", and foreign human resources service institutions to carry out cooperation in the establishment of overseas branches, to participate in international cooperation and competition in talent.


Further support small and medium enterprises in the industry
Gong Zhiyong: Chairman of Wuxi Beikang packing material Co. Ltd
Chairman and general manager of Wuxi Food Co., Ltd.

    "Wuxi City of leading backbone enterprises, high growth enterprises and small micro enterprise financial support efforts will of Wuxi City economic development brings tremendous impetus, also during the '45', I think should also give further support to industry in small and medium-sized enterprises entities." Gong Zhiyong said that this is his two sessions this year put forward a proposal.
    "Wuxi City in the land use has clear economic index requirements, both per acre investment requirements, and the output per acre, which for the industry in small and medium-sized enterprises entities may is a very high threshold." To solve the employment problem, but also the establishment and development of a large number of small and medium enterprises in the industry, Gong Zhiyong proposed, it is necessary to reduce or cancel the industrial development of small and medium enterprises to assess the land.
    To effectively solve the industrial small entity enterprise financing difficult financing your problem, "this is a long-standing problem and is particularly prominent in Wuxi, banking system of industrial enterprise loans accounted for only 15% of the city's total loans." Zhi Yong Gong said, industry small entity enterprise labor costs increased year by year, gross profit rate is generally low, and the high cost of financing, financing difficulties, in recent years, the industrial part of the small and medium-sized enterprises entities face the risk of failure. Municipal government in recent years, although also introduced corresponding policy for the enterprise burden, expand lending channels, especially specialized organizations of the SME lending emergency funds to help enterprises solve the urgent need of lending funds, but for investment, benefits, and other factors, currently only the Bank of Jiangsu, Wuxi rural commercial bank two banks in this business, other banks is not responding. "As the tangible things must meet 'gas', please the relevant government departments earnestly promote the' emergency no risk, both lenders and borrowers to benefit both the 'initiatives.


Social development has entered the era of think tank"
Zhuang Ruojiang: Director of the Department of film and television communication, Jiangnan University, director of the center for the study of southern culture and film and television

    At present, China's total think tank has been ranked second in the world, the national level attaches great importance, but all over the in actual operation, the role of think tanks is not obvious, especially in urban planning and construction, economic transformation, major decisions, cultural construction, many aspects are urgent need to optimize and upgrade. Today, the main problem of the construction of the think tank is not "whether the need", but whether the problem can better play a role.
    Wuxi economic transformation of science, how to keep the advantage, 45 is the key stage. From the economic transformation, promote the industry to the culture and the people's livelihood, policy how to formulate, specific how to implement, how to effectively promote, how to support funds to maximize efficiency, need careful layout was discussed in detail, the "think tank" think-tank role should not be overlooked.


    At present, Jiangsu has issued "on strengthening the construction of Jiangsu new think tank", Wuxi should actively promote the construction of a new think tank legalization, institutionalization. It is recommended to establish a leading group in the relevant government agencies, whose function is to be responsible for the connection between the think tank and the government needs". Specific work is: 1, open the channel between the government think-tank and actual demand, to promote the think tank "customized" research and consulting work; 2, to carry out the cooperation path of government agencies and think tanks, open the "revolving door" channels; 3, the lead tank in government policy, decision of investigation, hearing, consultation and other activities, promote the think tank involved in major decisions of the institutionalization, standardization, and procedures.
    social sciences research achievements of Wuxi every year to complete the task up to 90-100, but the results of these studies mostly has not been very good transformation and utilization, also some topics for grounding and failed to solve practical problems. Recommendations to strengthen the scientific research and decision-making management of the docking, the establishment of social science achievement release mechanism, strengthen the achievement of scientific research objectives and results.


Source: Wuxi business daily