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    During the Twelfth Five Year Plan period, even across the three trillion yuan of GDP, the average growth rate of 9.6%; in 2015 the total economic output exceeded 7 trillion yuan, the growth rate of 1.6, higher than the national 8.5% percentage points.

    Behind the results, is the harsh reality of the development of Jiangsu: population density of the country's largest, the per capita environmental capacity of the country is the smallest, the national land area of industrial pollution load of the highest...... Heavy resources and environmental pressure is a serious constraint to the development of Jiangsu.

    How to achieve "limited" in the "promising"? Jiangsu's answer is: to the development of innovation. From grasping science and technology, to adjust the structure, and promote transformation, dare to be the first people in Jiangsu to explore the practice of a high quality and efficiency of the development of the road.


Three heavy pressure

    Jiangsu lack of material resources, an average of 742 people crowded in one square kilometers of land, the per capita water is less than 500 cubic meters, an extreme water shortage area, more than nine percent of coal, crude oil and natural gas rely on other provinces or imports.

    More people, less resource shortage, but also caused huge consumption pressure and environmental pressure. Jiangsu ranks first in the country's industrialization, heavy industry, many coastal areas have been developed into industrial parks, environmental protection situation is grim.

    As far as economic structure is concerned, Jiangsu's economy is heavily dependent on foreign countries, including Suzhou, Wuxi and other regions. In the current national economic downward pressure increasing, foreign investment continued to decline in the environment, the development of Jiangsu foreign trade and foreign investment has difficulty walking.

    These three heavy pressure has become an obstacle to the economic development of Jiangsu.


Innovation driven

    How to overcome? The governor of Jiangsu province Shi Taifeng, the phrase: innovation to the development of. Regional innovation capability for 7 consecutive years to maintain the first; 2015 research and development of the whole society investment 178.8 billion yuan, accounted for the proportion of GDP 2.55%; scientific and technological progress contribution rate of 60%, behind the beautiful transcript is Jiangsu people daring to dare to create the boldness and courage.

    The pharmacy in Jiangsu two out, neither production of raw materials, and the lack of market, but the top 11 pharmaceutical companies from Jiangsu. Over the past five years, China Medicine University to assume the national major new drug discovery technology major special topics 26, and developed the world's first two Ginkgo biloba to prevent ischemic cerebral infarction drugs.

    Early innovation, early transformation. Jiangsu Hua chang chemical Limited by Share Ltd is the leader of the fertilizer industry in South of Jiangsu, the company's general manager Hu Bo told reporters, and now the plant achieved 100% recycling of slag, ammonia, such as the use of steam self-sufficiency. In addition, Huachang Chemical with an annual output of 100 million tons of new ecological fertilizer project in Northern Jiangsu Lianshui landing, greatly optimize the product structure, production of green pace is stridden faster and more.

    During the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" period, Jiangsu Xinxing industry sales revenue exceeded 4.5 trillion yuan, accounted for more than the size of the total industrial output value accounted for nearly 30%; high technology industry created 40.1% of the total industrial added value; service industry accounted for the proportion of the total economy more than 48%, beyond the secondary industry and realize the industrial structure "321" sign of change.


Three inspirations

    Jiangsu's remarkable development miracle, the first can not be separated from innovation. Liu Wanghong, vice president of Jiangsu Provincial Academy of Social Sciences pointed out: the core of a new round of transformation is the innovation driven." In the optimization of the industrial structure, Jiangsu "high tone, light tone, tuning, intensity-modulated, adjusting the green" idea: to develop strong war strategic emerging industry "high"; to speed up the development of modern service industry transfer "light"; to transform enhance traditional industry "and"; to improve the independent innovation ability "strong"; to enhance the economic level of sustainable development of "green".


    Secondly, the promotion of industrial development can not be separated from the talent. Zhou Qin, vice president of the school of economics and management, Southeast University, believes that the optimization of the structure of talent to provide intellectual support for industrial restructuring. In 2015, Jiangsu through the implementation of major engineering talent, the introduction of sophisticated talent team. At present, Jiangsu has 98 academicians of the two institutes, selected countries "one thousand people plan" 598 people, province "double" the introduction of talent 3127 people, foreign experts in Jiangsu province more than 10 million people.

    Finally, also cannot do without the pioneers, in the spirit of human resources. Nanjing University economics professor Liu Zhibiao said that the unique regional culture has created a hard-working, robust character of Jiangsu people. Through the integration of traditional culture and the modern economic depth, greatly enhance the Jiangsu "essence of God, become Jiangsu Economic bucked the trend of strong support.


Source: Guangming Daily